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Wordless Wednesday: The aftermath clean-up


graphic by The Cat Realm

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Happy 14th Birthday Taylor!!

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Happy Blogoversary!!

Almost 7 weeks no post, no update. Shame on the typist!!

But today I am back! The complete Kattenpraat gang transported to Tucson, Arizona for a party!!

Happy 2nd Blogoversary!!

graphic by The Cat Realm

With our family and closest friends we celebrate today the second blogoversary of The Cat Realm — my husband and his family are TWO years online!!

Happy 2nd Blogoversary!!

family graphic

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Goodbye sweet Soraya

Early this morning my sweet sister Soraya went to Rainbow Bridge.

On April 24, 2007 she came into our lives when I found her in the animal shelter in Geleen. Last night all of a sudden she got sick, the vet could not help her anymore so the staff took her back home. Soraya softly purred and snuggled with them all night, until around 8 AM she peacefully went to the Bridge.

Goodbye Sweet Girl!

Thank you so much KC for this beautiful graphic of our beautiful girl!

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Princes Carnival 2009

In the carnival period not the mayors are head of the towns, but the princes of Carnival are…

Last night the official Carnival (4 days) started. Earlier my husband Karl transported to Limburg again because he and I are chosen as Cat Princes Carnival 2009 of my hometown Heel!
…and SOMECAT sneaked herself in Karl’s duffel bag… (No, not Sassy! Hahahaha)

Prince Ruis I & Prince Karl I - Carnival Heel

Prince Ruis I & Prince Karl I

After the official photo was made, we went on partying “Biej Wil & Vief“, the official Princes Palace in Heel during carnival!

Karl & Luna - Carnival Heel

Vief with Somecat around her shoulder…

Our friend Astrid (with the colorfull wig behind Luna) went with Luna to the ladies litterboxes.

Ruis & Luna - Carnival Heel

Click the player below and sing along…

And that is the kind of music we will be hearing until Tuesday, hahahahah

Bubbles, Ruis & Luna - Carnival Heel

Also in the drinking and partying crowd was my brother Bubbles.

Karl & Luna - Carnival Heel

The sleeping Princess… Hahahahahaha.

See here how Luna was able to come to Limburg and how she called it!!

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