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Thursday Thirteen #3: Soraya

Thursday, November 22, 2007

As good journalist and reporter my eyes and ears are always open…, I don’t miss a thing! Today 13 things you did or did not know about our oldest cat Soraya.

  1. Since April 2007 Soraya lives with us. After an unsuccessful survival trip I (Ruis) ended up in the animal shelter in Geleen (South East of the Netherlands). When the staff came to pick me up they also took Soraya and gave her a forever home & family.
  2. Soyara is 14 years old! She was born at May 21st in 1993.
  3. She only listens to Soraya, which is also her birthname, given by her breeder. We don’t know her breeder or her last family because she was brought (with her papers) to the animal shelter.
  4. Soraya is a cream smoke with white Persian girlcat. Of course she is spayed.:)
  5. She can talk!! Yes, really. I have never heard such a weird sound from another cat in my whole life. The staff says it sounds like a little kid talking.
  6. We feel a little sad about the fact Soraya’s last years at her previous home, there she had to stay in one single room. Because of that she is still a little shy when she is in the living room and is too scared to go outside in the garden. She likes it the most in the staff’s bedroom, but she may only be there at night. “She must get used to us and a family life,” the staff says. It improves bit by bit.
  7. She is/was afraid of me sometimes. 😐 Okay, I’ll be honest with you. I did not liked her at all! She looks very much like Chrissy (Maxime and Ralph’s mommy), she has almost the same color and same look. Chrissy was the Queen in the house as you know what I mean, her will was law! Chrissy went to the Bridge 3 years ago, and now there’s a look-a-like…
  8. Soraya can scream very, very loud!
  9. Because she is still too shy to sit on the couch and on the cat tower in the livingroom, she sleeps with the staff. There she feels more free and dares to cuddle and purr, and she gets the attention she needs so much.
  10. The staff said that I have to be nice to her. All the other cats and doggies here are nice to her. Oh, I know it is my own fault she is here! But since about 2 weeks I am nicer to her because she doesn’t want to be a Queen. I think she will get used to us sooner now.
  11. Soraya does not like fresh fish and stinky goodness. She only eats her special for her and Maxime’s RC senior dry food. Sometimes I steal a few and I must admit it is yummy.
  12. She loves to watch television with the staff. CSI and Animal Planet are her favorites.
  13. Soraya is an older girlcat, but she is very playful. When the staff plays with her she acts like 2 year old. She also has her “crazy” hour as the staff called it.
She doesn’t like her picture taken when she is playing, she quits right away.

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Thursday Thirteen #2: Miral

Thursday, October 18, 2007

13 things about Miral ~ by Ruis

  1. Her birthname is Jamila Witz de Levant, but Marlene is a Star Trek Voyager fan and named her Miral.
  2. She is a Cornish Rex and was born on April 1st, 2000 in Leiden in the Netherlands.
  3. Her mommie is also my mommie, so she is my half sister. Her daddy was born in South Africa and emigrated to the Netherlands in 1999.
  4. Miral has a complete white coat and blue eyes. Yes, the Meezer gene… with curls, but a Rex with a Siamese (pointed) coat is called a Si-rex. You don’t see colored points at Miral because they are covered by the white, like the white Siamese: a Foreign White cat.
  5. Princess from Caesar and Princess’s Happy Place is Miral’s muzzle twin. Or Miral is Princess’s muzzle twin, I don’t know exactly? Well, they just are twins!!
  6. Miral is mommie of Korenna and grandma of Djenna (and Odo and Dax.)
  7. She LOVES food!! While the staff and young bean eat their dinner she is investigating the kitchen counter to see and taste what’s on the menu. Also when we get fresh fish or some other not everyday meal she eats like a hungry Lion which hasn’t eaten for a week.
  8. She also is a music lover. Sometimes Henny sings especialy for her a song with her name in, then Miral go sit right next to her and gives her headbutts.
  9. Miral is the leader of our whole cat family. She sees and hears everything we do, and correct us when needed. I do not always agree with her when she corrects me, but that’s another story.

  10. Showtime
  11. Miral went to cat shows a few times and won some prizes. And although she still has her beautiful curls, she is no show girl anymore because she has too much belly fat.
  12. Sometimes she has red eyes instead of blue. I don’t know why that is, but going through her pictures on the computer I saw lots of her with red eyes. Maybe she got those from her dad?
  13. She has a very quiet, sweet and relaxed character and we all love her very much (except B’Elanna.) I wonder if that is the reason she is the leader and not I?
  14. She is a real family kittie. She loves to snuggle and sleep with Korenna, her granddaughter Djenna and of course ME, her BIG half brother.

Edited at March 22, 2008 – 02:00 AM: If you want to comment about Miral, please post in the comments section at the homepage, where you also find the latest news. Thank you!

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Thursday Thirteen #1: B’Elanna

Friday, October 12, 2007

13 things about B’Elanna ~ by Ruis

  1. B’Elanna is not ugly anymore!
  2. Her full birthname is Voyager’s Beauty is Irrelevant. “Beauty is Irrelevant” is one of the many “irrelevant” statements of the Voyager character “Seven of Nine”. And Star Trek Voyager fans know that Seven of Nine is not only a very smart woman, but very beautiful too!
  3. B’Elanna’s birthdate is August 18th 2003. She was the third kitten and born at 10:35 AM, 6 more would follow her and at 12:30 the last was born.
  4. B’Elanna has 5 brothers and 3 sisters, she is 1 of a litter of 9. From her littermates 6 have a straight haired coat and 3 have a curly coat, B’Elanna is 1 of this 3.
  5. B’Elanna is a 2nd generation Cornish Rex. Her mother Guusje is a 1st gen., and Bes, her grandma, is a domestic cat from Jordan. Father’s side is Cornish Rex.
  6. Although she was born with almost no fur like her brother and sister with the Cornish Rex coat, all three had a curly coat when they were 15 weeks old. Cornish Rex kittens can be born with a thick curly coat or with almost no hair, but many kittens born with a curly coat lose it in the first 2 weeks of their life. From an age of 10 weeks the coat starts to grow and most of them have a wavy, curly coat when they are 4 months old. Hair or no hair at birth tells nothing how their adult coat will be (like human beans. πŸ˜‰
  7. B’Elanna’s biggest friend is Bubbles. He also was friend and mentor to her grandma Bes, after that to Bes’s daughter Guusje and now to Guusje’s daughter B’Elanna.
  8. Also a kind of family tradition is that B’Elanna, like her mother and grandma doesn’t like me. I have NO idea why, but they must be having some sort of an anti-Ruis gene.

  9. Grandma Bes at 12 weeks old ~ Mom Guusje at the age of 8 weeks ~ B’Elanna, 1 week old
  10. Cleaning herself is not B’Elanna’s favorite thing. She does it very fast and short and she knows Bubbles is far more better in it. Only he refuses to wash her under her tail, resulting in a … uh… her other nickname: Poepkont (Poopbutt.)
  11. We have our own room in the house and we all sleep there at night. Except for B’Elanna… around 11 PM she goes to the 3rd floor to hide herself. The staff knows where and put a sleeping bed there for her.
  12. She LOVES human beans and they love her. Like me she loves to sit on the lap of visitors.
  13. B’Elanna has a very special high voice. The very same as grandma Bes and that makes Buzzer, one of the dogs, sometimes crazy.
  14. Hot news!! At the beginning of next year our beans want B’Elanna to have S.., to do IT with Odo! Well, I love kittens and I hope to break through the family thing of number 8.

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