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Happy Birthday Lily

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Happy Birthday Lily




On February 15, 2010 my doggie sister Taylor went to the Rainbow Bridge. Two months before her 15th birthday she decided it was time for her to go to her friends at the bridge.

She was a wonderful, great and loving dog!! For the staff of course, but also for Buzzer -my doggie brother- and for all us felines.


A few months later the staff adopted another doggie sister, Lily. She was then almost 3 years old and desperately needed another home. We became her 4th home, but this one is FOREVER!!

Lily in our garden


Lily is a sweet, playful, very smart and happy little dog, and friends with all the kitties and of course Buzzer.

I am her Bestest friend – we sleep together and play together. But sometimes she’s only a little bit too naughty with me. I’ll show you those photos a next time…


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Wheely Saturday with Taylor…

Saturday, May 16, 2009

and Myrna, Asta and Buzzer.

My doggy sister Taylor has a wheelchair!
Due to her age my sister suffers from osteoarthritis, it started with stiffness and soreness in her hind legs, but after her stroke in February it got worse and the medicines she gets are not helping enough.

I talked about it with my husband Karl and he told me about Zed, the dog of the maid’s best friend. Zed got paralyzed when he was 14 years old, but he enjoyed life so much that he happily walked his last 2 years in a wheelchair.
Taylor became 14 years last month and she also loves life. Only the pain… To make her enjoy and live her life again the staff ordered a special doggy wheelchair for her. Last Sunday, on the way for Mother’s day they picked it up in Rotterdam.

The next day was Taylor’s first day on wheels,
but she did not one step…

Wheelly Saturday with Taylor

…she was just standing still and calling for Myrna.

Wheelly Saturday with Taylor

Immediately I emailed my friend Asta in NYC and asked if she and Myrna would like to help Taylor.
Myrna is Asta’s wheely sister and an absolute expert on wheels! And Asta can cheer up every dog and cat in world!

They said YES!!

Because Taylor still felt uncomfortable and stood still, Asta and Myrna tried to break the ice.

Taylor's wheelchair

photo by Asta

The cheering helped, Taylor laughed and started to walk, but still very difficult.
After a few meters walking they saw the problem and Myrna asked Taylor to stop so she and Asta could do some adjustments on the chair.

Wheelly Saturday with Taylor

After 10 stressful and hot minutes they had the chair and wheels in balance. Taylor started walking again. And she ran —  until she stopped again, they found something…

Wheelly Saturday with Taylor

A few moments later Taylor, Myrna, Asta and Buzzer were again running.

And now Taylor did not stop! She was running and rolling, and rolling and running…

Wheelly Saturday with Taylor

When they finally were home they went to sleep right away.
An hour later, before dinner, the staff took them out for a walk and swim. And while Asta and Buzzer were soon busy with a piece of a tree they found, Myrna was still in her coaching role to help Taylor, but scaring of water she also was a little afraid.

Wheelly Saturday with Taylor

But swimming is for Taylor a piece of cake. Without wheels, of course.
And after learned so much from Myrna about walking with wheels she felt good to do something back and gave Myrna a swimming lesson.

Wheelly Saturday with Taylor

Taylor is so much more comfortable with her wheelchair thanks to Myrna, she’s walking better each new day.

I really enjoyed my friends visit for personal reasons, too. I see Asta often at work (CCSI) and parties, and the first time I met Myrna for real was at her wedding with Gilbert. I am so thankful that they came to the Netherlands and wanted to help my sister. This was their first visit to Limburg, and hopefully not the last…

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Happy 14th Birthday Taylor!!

Monday, April 20, 2009

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Taylor… and our friends

Friday, February 20, 2009

It is now more than fourteen days ago that my doggy sister Taylor got a stroke. From an active old lady she changed into an unhappy and helpless dog…
You sent Taylor LOTS of purrrrs, kisses, healing vibes and thoughts. When Taylor got sick luckily also my husband Karl, my family-in-law and our friends Sassy, Asta, Opus and Momo were here in Limburg. So they were helping a LOT, too!
And could I tell you last Saturday that Taylor was doing much better, now I can say: she is completely better!!


When our family and friends were here, we took some more photos of them with Taylor… It was when Taylor could not walk without being held by the staff.

Asta had a plan and made a route of yellow ducks in the garden…

Asta is helping Taylor to walk

… and Opus and Sassy were very curious…

She wanted to let Taylor walk on her own again… and it seemed working!

Asta is helping Taylor to walk

Asta, Momo and Mrs. OZ were following Taylor’s small steps.

They were practicing for hours, until it was dark outside.
And after a good meal it was time to sleep! We, all the Kattenpraat cats, are sleeping in the living room or somewhere upstairs, and the dogs, especially Taylor prefers her bed in the hall at night.
But this night started not as quiet as always…

Some dogs try to sleep...

Together with our family and friends we were with 17 cats and 3 dogs…

So many of you did such wonderful things to help my sister Taylor.

And it helped!!

One of them was Bogart, he sent Airedale kisses her way…

Please, do it again! Bogart’s Dad is very ill and lays in the hospital. PURRR as hard as you can and send anything you can to Bogart and his Dad and Mom!!

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine’s Day is about love…

Many of you sent get-well-wishes, purrs, thoughts, purrayers, special healing doggy- energy, barks and kisses, and love to my doggy sister Taylor.

It helped!!!!!

Taylor is doing much better! She almost walks like she did before (only morning stiffness due to her age.)
Further, only her head is still a little bit tilted and she has some restlessness and weird staring moments during her walks. But most of the time she is being her old self and doing what she likes to do. She is almost our active old lady again. She feels happy and we see happiness in her eyes again!!

We made some more photos last week, with Taylor and Asta and our other visitors, I’ll post them next week!

And because Taylor is feeling better, and I know my brothers, sisters and the staff are taking good care of her, I went on a short Valentine’s adventure with my friends…

graphic by Sassy
We were with so many — to bring us all at Castello San Marco in Sicily, Opus had to make two trips with the Magic Flying Van.

graphic by The Cat Realm
After we all arrived and checked in we gave the others tickets for a surprise trip so we could have some time alone…

For what surprise trip… and the just the two of us photos (with Karl’s special Teddy Bear;-) and more photos about our Valentine’s Day with our friends, go to my husband’s place at The Cat Realm!!

But that is not all…
We went with a whole group of loving friends! You have to see their photos too: Asta, Sassy, Momo, Socks, Scylla & Charybdis…, and Opus, who introduces his mystery Valentine/girlfriend today!!

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

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