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We found Ruis!

Monday, April 23, 2007

Late this afternoon we heard that Ruis was brought on Sunday to the animal shelter in Geleen. Unfortunately the animal shelter was already closed so we have to wait until tomorrow before we can give him a big hug. But he is safe! Tomorrow we make a ‘back home‘ photo of Ruis and post it here.

Thank you Julie, Daisy, Caesar and Princess for your support and telepathic messages and purrings!!

(Edit April 26: Ruis is already back to normal business, and his first evening back home we’ve celebrated! But we not only picked up Ruis from the animal shelter, we also saved an almost 14 years old Persian… 🙂

Vandaag laat in de middag hoorde we dat Ruis naar het dierenasiel in Geleen is gebracht. Helaas was het asiel al gesloten dus moeten we tot morgen wachten om hem een dikke knuffel te kunnen geven. Maar hij is terecht! Morgen maken we een ‘welkom thuis‘ foto van Ruis en plaatsen we ‘m hier.

Bedankt Julie, Daisy, Caesar and Princess voor jullie lieve reacties!!

(Edit 26 April: Ruis is alweer in z’n gewone doen en zijn eerste avond thuis hebben we gevierd! Maar we namen niet alleen Ruis mee uit het asiel, een bijna 14 jaar oude Pers kwam mee…:)

Ruis back home

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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Ruis loves people, stranger, friend and family. If a cat can seduce people then it’s our Ruis, he has proved that many times.

The last 48 hours we have searched a wide area and called him thousand times. We used flashlight in the bushes. Nothing. We have registered him at numerous of national pet care- and missing pets organizations (with a photo on the internet.) Almost anyone at our town know that we want our Ruis back! In the evening and night our door to the garden stands open, so he can walk in. What more can we do?

Is he dead, is he locked up in someones house or garage…, or is he seduced by someone and stolen from us? We want to know, we want him back home! Nothing is more worse than not knowing where he is.

Ruis and kittens
11 Days ago, 1 day before two kittens went to their new home. Ruis loves the kitties and they love him!

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Ruis, it’s Feline Friday!

Friday, April 20, 2007

Since tonight we can’t find Ruis. He went outside in the garden and now he’s gone. Our garden is fenced off and on the top is an electric wire special for pets. Ruis is not a runaway cat and never looked at the fence for a way to get out. We don’t know what happened, but he’s not in our garden anymore…

We already searched the area and called out for him, but no answer (Ruis always talks back.) It’s dark now, so we have to go search further tomorrow.

Ruis is a neutered lilac colored Cornish Rex with a very soft and thick mole fur. He is a real charm and *loves* people! We hope he comes back very soon!!
The first photo was taken in 2001 in the cat run at our ‘old’ house. The second is from last February, the kittens were very fond of Ruis.


Ruis en kitten

It is Feline Friday Time! If you want to play along visit Steven’s (sometimes)photoblog.

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