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Friday, November 4, 2011

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Peace to you and your loved ones.

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Wednesday, March 26, 2008
Miral home

We keep her warm all night!

Miral home

Well, at least I do…

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Me and Max

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Sunday evening I teleported back home from the Spa. Although I had a wonderful time with my fiance Karl, the last days weren’t so relaxed as they should be… When I heard my sweet sister Maxime was sick I really wanted to be with her.

In the week I was at the Spa, The Cat Realm installed a transporter room in my house in the Netherlands. That makes our long distance relationship much easier!! To avoid compatibly problems we have the same model as they use.


As our best technician, Bubbles was sitting behind the controls.
Soraya and Gucci were watching my home coming through the window.
Graphic by The Cat Realm

ruis and max

Yesterday the staff went with Maxime to the VET again. Here they just were home.
And although she is more than 4 years older than me, Max is like a little sister
for me, I care very much for her!

ruis and max

I look after that she eats enough and no other cat or dog is stealing
this special extra yummy stinky goodness. Max gets it at least six times a day!!

ruis en max

After her meal and the trip to the VET Max needed to rest! To give her the
ultimate relaxing feeling I put her on a pair of the Cucumber glasses
from the Spa and snuggled with her all evening.

The VET examined Maxime thoroughly and the tests he did came out perfect! Only her weight… Max has not enough muscle tissue and because of that she is staggering. Now she eats more than enough of a special nutritious food, but has diarrhea and loses weight because of that. The VET gave her two kinds of medicines for the diarrhea and her bowels. My little sister has to gain weight!!

All of you who visited, emailed and thought of our Maxime, everyone who sent purrs, purrayers and Reiki… THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

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The Proposal: One month later…

Thursday, February 28, 2008

One month ago my beloved Karl proposed me. When we met in August 2007 it was love at first sight, so I accepted and gave him a capital YES!

But it seemed I left a broken heart…

Yara, one of the three human beans here at home thought, and was telling everybean, every friend of her, I was her fiance. Only she forgot telling me, and my feelings, and my thought about it. But let me tell you the truth and make this clear forever: Yara is sweet and pretty and my greatest human friend, but she is human. I love to cuddle and purr on her lap, and give her nosekisses and headbutts, but… I prefer a mancat as a partner and soulmate, and with Karl I found the sweetest one in the universe.

I gently explained Yara:

Yara and Ruis

Yara and Ruis

Yara and Ruis

Yara and Ruis

Pfffff, she understands it and we will stay friends!!:)

If you haven’t voted for your favorites at the Red Carpet Buzz, hurry up and vote! Voting will be open until Thursday, February 28, 9 pm Mountain Standard Time.

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Catch up & Penguins

Saturday, January 26, 2008

I have a lot of catching up to do, as my typist has had a arm surgery at January 4th and the healing process did not go as she had hoped. Because she still has to do it easy, I hope I can get as much computer time as possible before her next (other arm) surgery February 8th.

We want to thank everycat and everybean for their purrs, visits and thoughts, sweet emails and post card!!

Okay, on to the 1st catch-up post and collecting the penguins!

From my Antarctica cruise with Karl we brought back some souvenirs for the cats at home. There is no sun here in the Netherlands now, but all cats got a pair of sun glasses. And of course there were the penguins… I’m not sure anymore how many I had, but where I look I see penguins, everywhere in our house.

Korenna, Ruis, Miral & Penguin
Korenna, Miral and I

Mientje & Penguin
Mientje is an outdoor cat mostly, so she looooved the sun glasses!

Soraya & Penguin
Soraya comes more and more in the living room, is that maybe because I was away…?

B'Elanna & Penguin
I hear B’Elanna thinking…”Hmm, that’s not Bubbles, but who is it then ?”

Bubbles & Penguin
Here is Bubbles, and he already washed his penguin from head to bottom!

Bubbles and B'Elanna & Penguin
Bubbles & B’Elanna in the cat room… Marlene, you forgot their sun glasses!!

Buzzer & Penguin
Oh no… if Buzzer has a penguin that means it’s dead by the time you see this photo — see here why!

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