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On the Road Trip

Thursday, November 1, 2007

I missed the lunch at Captain Jack and Dante, and also did not taste the Lizard Stew at Daisy’s home, but I can’t express how happy I am now! Karl from The Cat Realm ask me to join him at the Lucky & Luxor Road Trip. We were traveling in a red double decker bus with more than 30 cats and 2 dogs, one of the doggies is Lucky. We went to New Mexico, where Lucky met her true love Luxor. Everybody is sooo excited about that!

But most important for me, I met Karl…!! I was sitting next to him the first few hours, then we sneaked to the back, private part of the bus. There we talked about a thousand things and we snuggled together.

And then there was that flashlight… I saw a kitty ran back to the front of the bus, unfortunately I could not see who it was. Oh well, I don’t mind, but they say news travels fast, and they are right. The photo was sent to Bubbles, who sent it to Karl, who luckily took his laptop on the trip.

So, before this picture gets a life of its own, with maybe an untrue story, we show it on my blog. And, yes, it is true that Karl and I are liking each other very, very much. When snuggling we could not hear each others purrings because both our hearts went boom ~ boom ~ boom.

Karl & Ruis

We just arrived at Luxor’s place and it was great to see how Lucky ran into Luxor’s arms. I am going to freshen myself up now, because there’s music playing and I want to dance with Karl…

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