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Theme: Clean

Saturday, April 7, 2007

Photo HunterMost cats clean themselves very often, especially after they have eaten. To wash their face, behind the ears and head, they lick their front paw until it’s wet and then use it as a washrag.

Sphynx kitten
Cobi Kolhorn’s Sphynx Sebastian when he was a kitten.

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Theme: Drink

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Photo Hunter
Kittens need to drink their mother’s milk while they are nursing. It is full of protein, fat and everything they need to grow healthy and strong.

This photo is from December 23rd, 2006, the kittens were one day old.

Now they are 12 weeks and although they eat dry- and canned- food by themselves, they still drink occasionally from their mom.

Photohunt theme: drink
~ Korenna, feeding her son (in the middle) and two daughters
Like humans, cats also intense enjoying feeding their young ones.

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Theme: Architecture

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Photo Hunter
The online free encyclopedia Wikipedia says on the Dutch pages about architecture:

Architecture supports on three principles: Beauty (venustas), firmness (firmitas) and usability (utilitas). Architecture can be defined as the assessment between these three elements, where none of the others predominate.

And on the English Pages:

Architectural design usually must address both feasibility and cost for the builder, as well as function and aesthetics for the user.

Here we have a house of paperboard. Its firmness might be a point of discussion because the kitties made an extra window at the backside. On the other side, the beauty/aesthetics and usability/function brings unprecedented value to the users: the kittens. It allows the kittens to explore colors (yes, cats can see in color) and playing with it benefits their development tremendously.

In cat lover words: Playing with each other makes these little kitties sweet, well socialized and wonderful cats when they’re grown up. The cardboard house, a free gift which came with the catfood I bought, is just a toy wherein they love to play hide-and-seek. So it has a function! 🙂

Feline Friday theme: Architecture

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Theme: Soft

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Photo Hunter
The theme ‘soft’ is an easy one for me. As owner, lover and breeder of Cornish Rex cats I can choose from 4 of our cats.

The Cornish Rex has an extremely soft and (mostly) wavy coat. They only have an undercoat, which consists of soft down hairs. There’s no outercoat, and therefore they miss the hard long guard hairs like on a normal coat.

A Cornish Rex’s coat is plush, velvet and wonderful soft to the touch.

Korenna and Miral
Mother Miral washing her 7 weeks pregnant daughter Korenna

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Theme: Antique

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Photo HunterI have selected one of my cat photos and given it an antique look. But not just ‘a’ cat…

Bes was born in a dig house at an archaeological dig site in the village Deir Alla in Jordan which is part of the Levant, this is the east side of the Mediterranean.

This region is also the place where the first cats became housecats (pets / living with people) 7000 Years B.C.

But… Bes is not antique. 😉 she’s born in April 2000, so she is still a young lady. In June 2000 she came to the Netherlands and in 2002 she became the founding mother of a new, healthy line in the Cornish Rex cats!

Nowadays Bes is ‘retired’ and lives with a good friend. She’s a spayed cat who fully enjoys her ‘good life’!

Besje goes Antique
Click the picture to see the photo of the original colored Bes.

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