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My NOMSS Friends

Sunday, February 24, 2008

I accepted the challenge, it is never too late to make friends! I have many friends in the cat blogosphere, and because I am a dog friendly cat, I also have doggy friends. But being engaged with Karl, and not having a NOMSS friend, that was ‘not done’! Until now…

Maya (dark brindle color) and Kena (wheaten, red or maybe blond 😉 are my Not-Of-My-Species-Special-friends (NOMSS friends). They are two young Cairn Terrier girls and live in California. Maya is almost one-and-a-half years old and Kena’s first birthday is April 29th. One of the doggies I live with is a half terrier, so I know their character and temperament — and Maya and Kena are just as sweet, funny, playful, caring and naughty — I love that these doggy girls want to be my Special Friends!!

Maya and Kena

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