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Mancat Monday: Gucci stays with us!

Monday, June 30, 2008

A few of you know Gucci’s story and that he is Linda’s cat. Linda is Henny’s oldest daughter and she moved to Dubai one year ago. Plans were that Gucci would move to there too when it was not so hot in Dubai, but then Gucci went ill…

By the time he was better he was already so used to live with us, and also taking in consideration Gucci loves to be outside and in Dubai he would be an indoor cat, the staff and Linda decided he would be much happier when he stays with us.

At the moment Linda is back in the Netherlands to take care of some stuff and sell her house here. She is staying with us and loves to see her Gucci so healthy and happy!

Linda and Yara, sisters, enjoying a warm summer night outside and looking at photos of Gucci from last year until now.

Linda & Yara with Gucci

“Yes, I love you and you may stay here…”

Linda & Yara with Gucci

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Mancat Monday ~ Caesar

Monday, January 21, 2008
Goodbye dear friend
we’ll meet again…

April 15, 1991 ~ January 20, 2008

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Mancat Monday: Gucci thanks you!

Monday, December 3, 2007

How is Gucci doing?

We got comments and many emails about how Gucci is doing. I am happy to tell you that he is doing fantastic!! All your purrs and purrayers helped! Yesterday he got his last antibiotics and since a few days he eats by himself, and enough. This week we have an appointment with him at the VET for a check up.

He also gained some weight again, but is not overweighted anymore. He plays a lot and enjoys his daily visits outside in the garden. A sick kitty would not act like Gucci…, so we hope and expect everything is okay! The only thing that reminds us of a very ill Gucci is his shaved neck for his 1st blood test.

Thank you!!



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Mancat Monday: It’s my birthday

Monday, November 26, 2007

I am not sure if I’m happy with this birthday hat… I look silly. No cat or dog at the CCSI set is taking me serious anymore as director… Have you ever seen Quentin Tarantino or David Lynch with such a birthday hat? No!!

But the staff thinks it’s fun. Because I have no time to celebrate my birthday, that doesn’t mean they let this day go by, without doing something.

Luckily, my misery about the hat was forgotten when Karl, my boyfriend and very own mancat, sent me my 1st birthday present today — lizards! The sweet caught them himself!! I never ever had lizards… Thank you so much, Karl!:)

Ruis's Birthday

Ruis got a present

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Mancat Monday with Gucci

Monday, October 22, 2007

Gucci is the mancat of Linda, Henny’s oldest bean. I am not sure when he moves to her in Dubai, but we love that he stays with us until then. And he loves it here, too.


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