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Mom’s Day

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Miral with her 1 day old babies Little Miral and Korenna ~ 2002

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My sweet sister Miral

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Wednesday, like everyday, Miral jumped on the countertop at least five times, trying to steal something of the special food the staff was making for Maxime. Yesterday she did not jump, she did not eat at all! Late in the afternoon the staff went with her to the VET, her kidneys were failing for unknown reasons… The VET gave her fluids and the staff 3 flavors of special stinky goodness for her, and if she not started to eat within 24 hours he wanted to see her back on his free Saturday morning.  The VET phoned the staff today and they made an appointment for tomorrow, he then will test her blood again.

Forcing Miral to eat doesn’t work — it’s a FIGHT and when it is in she vomits, and it’s out.  I am extremely worried, she feels so sick.


Miral and I


Miral and her daughter Korenna


Miral in the middle with her daughter and granddaughter Djenna on each side

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Catch up & Penguins

Saturday, January 26, 2008

I have a lot of catching up to do, as my typist has had a arm surgery at January 4th and the healing process did not go as she had hoped. Because she still has to do it easy, I hope I can get as much computer time as possible before her next (other arm) surgery February 8th.

We want to thank everycat and everybean for their purrs, visits and thoughts, sweet emails and post card!!

Okay, on to the 1st catch-up post and collecting the penguins!

From my Antarctica cruise with Karl we brought back some souvenirs for the cats at home. There is no sun here in the Netherlands now, but all cats got a pair of sun glasses. And of course there were the penguins… I’m not sure anymore how many I had, but where I look I see penguins, everywhere in our house.

Korenna, Ruis, Miral & Penguin
Korenna, Miral and I

Mientje & Penguin
Mientje is an outdoor cat mostly, so she looooved the sun glasses!

Soraya & Penguin
Soraya comes more and more in the living room, is that maybe because I was away…?

B'Elanna & Penguin
I hear B’Elanna thinking…”Hmm, that’s not Bubbles, but who is it then ?”

Bubbles & Penguin
Here is Bubbles, and he already washed his penguin from head to bottom!

Bubbles and B'Elanna & Penguin
Bubbles & B’Elanna in the cat room… Marlene, you forgot their sun glasses!!

Buzzer & Penguin
Oh no… if Buzzer has a penguin that means it’s dead by the time you see this photo — see here why!

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Wordless Wednesday: Window view

Wednesday, November 14, 2007
window view
Korenna at 16 weeks age ~ I (Ruis) ~ cat statue 🙂

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Feline Friday Time with Korenna

Saturday, October 13, 2007

It is Feline Friday Time!! Korenna shows the new chair they got on World Animal Day. It is in fact a children’s chair but we loved the colors and the kitty size. The cats love it too and are standing in a row to be the next one to sleep in it.

Visit Steven’s (sometimes)photoblog for a new Friday photo of Pickle and other Friday Felines!


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