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Wordless Wednesday

Wednesday, October 10, 2007
B'Elanna and her littermates

B'Elanna and her littermates

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Feline Friday Show Time

Saturday, September 29, 2007

[Nederlandse tekst onder de foto’s]

Reading your comments on last weeks baby photos from B’Elanna I think a few of you picked out the wrong kitten from of the 9-gang photo as be B’Elanna. I will post some other photos of the kittens in a couple of days so you can guess again… and I’ll add a hint.;)

Today Odo. You know him as one of the kittens from earlier this year, and also brother of Djenna and Dax.

At September 2nd we went with Odo to a big international cat show in Rotterdam. It was Odo’s first time at a show, but he loved all the attention he got, from us and from people who visited the show. He was so relaxed!

As you also maybe remember is that Odo lives with his sister Dax at our friend Joop. And after a long day we brought him back home. A proud ‘Daddy’ Joop already stood at the doorstep.

Odo, or as on his pedigree: Voyager’s Red Alert, became Best In Show Rex kitten 6 – 10 months old. We are very proud! πŸ™‚

It is Feline Friday Time. Go over to Steven’s handsome cat Pickle and read how to join!

Of course I got paid for attending the show… this is full of cat treats because I was the best.:)

Odo & Vlo
No Vlo, these are mine! Man, I had to go in bath last night for that show.

Odo & Vlo
I saw you ate one, but the rest is for me.! I really earned them!!

Na jullie reacties op B’Elanna’s baby foto’s van vorige week, denk ik dat een aantal het verkeerde kitten voor B’Ellana hebben aangezien. Over een paar dagen post ik een paar nieuwe foto’s zodat jullie opnieuw kunnen raden… en ik zal er een hint bijgeven.;)

Vandaag Odo. Jullie kennen hem als 1 van de kittens van begin dit jaar, en broer van Djenna en Dax.

2 September jl. gingen we met Odo naar een grote internationale kattenshow in Rotterdam. Het was Odo’s eerste show, maar hij genoot van alle aandacht, zowel van ons als van het publiek. Hij was zo op zijn gemak!

Zoals jullie je misschien ook herinneren woont Odo samen met zijn zusje Dax bij onze vriend Joop. En na een lange dag brachten we hem terug naar huis. Een trotse pappa Joop stond ‘m al op te wachten.

Odo, of zoals op zijn stamboom: Voyager’s Red Alert werd Best In Show Rex Kitten 6 – 10 maanden. We zijn errug trots! πŸ™‚

Het is Feline Friday Time. Ga naar Steven’s knappe kat Pickle en lees hoe je mee kunt doen!

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Saturday, May 12, 2007

[Nederlandse tekst onder de foto]

You were missing kitten photos? Here is Djenna, one of the three kittens that stayed with us. For the first time I have tried to make close-up photos (without zooming), but the results were many photos of a half face with one ear, the chin only, etc. This photo shows the most facial parts of Djenna. πŸ™‚

I think I wanted to try to make such beautiful photos as Steven makes from Pickle and his yard cat Harley. One of the things I did wrong was the time of the day, it was already past 8pm when I took this photo. I know, I have a lot to learn yet… πŸ™‚

It’s Feline Friday Time!! For great feline photos visit Steven’s (sometimes)photoblog. There you also find how to play along.

Redpoint Cornish Rex (si-rex)
Voyager’s Delta Dream Djenna, Redpoint Cornish Rex (Si-Rex) ~ girl, 20 weeks
Jullie missen kitten foto’s? Hier is Djenna, 1 van de 3 kittens die bij ons is blijven wonen. Voor het eerst heb ik geprobeerd close-up foto’s te maken zonder in te zoomen, maar het resultaat waren veel foto’s met een half gezicht en 1 oor, alleen de kin, etc. Deze foto toont het meeste van Djenna’s gezicht.:)

Ik denk dat ik wilde proberen net zulke mooie foto’s te maken als Steven doet van Pickle en zijn tuin kat Harley. Een ding dat sowieso fout was, was de tijd, toen ik deze foto maakte was het al na 8 uur vanavond. Ik weet het, ik moet nog een hoop leren… πŸ™‚

Het is weer Feline Friday Time!! Voor mooie kattenfoto’s ga naar Steven’s (sometimes)photoblog. Daar staat ook hoe je mee kunt doen.

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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Ruis loves people, stranger, friend and family. If a cat can seduce people then it’s our Ruis, he has proved that many times.

The last 48 hours we have searched a wide area and called him thousand times. We used flashlight in the bushes. Nothing. We have registered him at numerous of national pet care- and missing pets organizations (with a photo on the internet.) Almost anyone at our town know that we want our Ruis back! In the evening and night our door to the garden stands open, so he can walk in. What more can we do?

Is he dead, is he locked up in someones house or garage…, or is he seduced by someone and stolen from us? We want to know, we want him back home! Nothing is more worse than not knowing where he is.

Ruis and kittens
11 Days ago, 1 day before two kittens went to their new home. Ruis loves the kitties and they love him!

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A new life

Thursday, April 12, 2007

A new life begins! Today 2 of our little kitties are going to their new family. Odo and Dax, on their pedigree: Voyager’s Red Alert (Odo) and Voyager’s Jadzia Dax. The following words describe how it was in the past 15 weeks: tiny, sweet, cute, playful, naughty, exploring, learning, fighting, hunting, naughty again, lovable, purring.

Oh yes, we will miss them, just like their mom Korenna and grandma Miral will do, and maybe even the other cats. But we are happy for Odo and Dax, they will stay together and they get a wonderful and loving home. And because they go to a friend of us we surely see them a lot.

We, Korenna, Miral and the other cats are not totally left alone: Djenna, litter sister of Odo and Dax, stays with us! πŸ™‚

Dax & Odo, 3 weeks old
Dax & Odo playing, they were 3 weeks old.

Dax & Odo, 15 weeks old
Their last night here. Odo was washing his sister Dax but was interrupted by the flash light of the camera. πŸ˜‰

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