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Fashion Friday at the Spa

Friday, March 7, 2008

You probably already read it at The Cat Realm blog…, we are still at the Spa in Tucson. In the Netherlands it is raining and cold, so I saw no reason to go back home this week. And Karl and I are having such a wonderful, relaxing and romantic time……………..


Our friends Asta and Daisy have showed it before, and we make it official:
The New Look For Spring 2008!


For all of you who want to follow the latest fashion trends we have created fresh,
slice designed “Cucumber Glasses”, and they go together with a stylish
off-white “Spa Turban”.
Set off your new look this spring and take these designer accessories!
(For ALL genders & species.)


We also sent them home and Bubbles let us know that B’Elanna was
the first to try out the glasses.


Noooo, not because she’s old or needs them or will be 15 years this May,
our Soraya is just a fashion girl! 🙂

Spa 2nd

With a famous name as Gucci, “our still not to Dubai moved” 10th cat
shows the Spring 2008 accessories with style and charme!

I want to thank Mrs. OZ for distributing The New Look For Spring 2008 and arranging the fashion photographer!!
(graphics by The Cat Realm)

More photos of The New Look For Spring 2008 at The Cat Realm

Added by Bubbles: The warm and healing energy coming from the blogosphere is amazing! Our Maxime is eating more than yesterday, and there’s also a sparkle in her eyes again. She is still weak, but we and our staff have hope again. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

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