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On cruise

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Tomorrow Karl and I step on board for the wonderful cruise Sassy gave us!!

Follow our dream vacation from January 4th – 10th on a luxury cruise ship in Antarctica, with exciting excursions and amazing wildlife. We daily report at our joint blog: Karl & Ruis.

Karl and Ruis on CruisePhoto by The Cat Realm

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Happy 2008!! On cruise & temporarily not blogging

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

On behalf of all the kitties, doggies and human beans here: Soraya, Maxime, Mientje, Bubbles, Miral, Korenna, B’Elanna, Djenna, our visitor Gucci, the doggies, Taylor & Buzzer, the staff, Henny & Marlène and the young bean…, we wish you all a WONDERFUL 2008!! We hope all your dreams come true in health and happiness!!

In a couple of days, January 4th, Marlène, one of our staff, my typist and photo-shopper, gets her first surgery from the four she’s getting in total. She will be operated for a “Cubital Tunnel Syndrome” at both arms, and a “Carpal Tunnel Syndrome” at her hands. All four surgeries will be done separately, and although it is an easy surgery under local anesthesia, recovery takes longer and it is not sure when she can fully use her hands again.

Because I cannot blog or visit you without her, I go with my boyfriend Karl on a cruise to Antarctica! Our friend and CCSI’s Executive Producer Sassy gave us this extraordinary present for the opening night of CCSI: The Santa Caper.

We go from January 4th to January 10th. I have already read some of the cruise program, and I am very excited!! And of course you can follow us almost daily at our cruise!! 🙂 The maid from my staff-in-law arranged a lot of things so we can go online while we are on cruise.

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