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Taylor… and our friends

Friday, February 20, 2009

It is now more than fourteen days ago that my doggy sister Taylor got a stroke. From an active old lady she changed into an unhappy and helpless dog…
You sent Taylor LOTS of purrrrs, kisses, healing vibes and thoughts. When Taylor got sick luckily also my husband Karl, my family-in-law and our friends Sassy, Asta, Opus and Momo were here in Limburg. So they were helping a LOT, too!
And could I tell you last Saturday that Taylor was doing much better, now I can say: she is completely better!!


When our family and friends were here, we took some more photos of them with Taylor… It was when Taylor could not walk without being held by the staff.

Asta had a plan and made a route of yellow ducks in the garden…

Asta is helping Taylor to walk

… and Opus and Sassy were very curious…

She wanted to let Taylor walk on her own again… and it seemed working!

Asta is helping Taylor to walk

Asta, Momo and Mrs. OZ were following Taylor’s small steps.

They were practicing for hours, until it was dark outside.
And after a good meal it was time to sleep! We, all the Kattenpraat cats, are sleeping in the living room or somewhere upstairs, and the dogs, especially Taylor prefers her bed in the hall at night.
But this night started not as quiet as always…

Some dogs try to sleep...

Together with our family and friends we were with 17 cats and 3 dogs…

So many of you did such wonderful things to help my sister Taylor.

And it helped!!

One of them was Bogart, he sent Airedale kisses her way…

Please, do it again! Bogart’s Dad is very ill and lays in the hospital. PURRR as hard as you can and send anything you can to Bogart and his Dad and Mom!!

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Friday, February 6, 2009

Streets have been completely cleared for all in costume, for parades, street bands, parties and celebration.
Crazy new carnival songs, that you can hear and sing along are being played everywhere… Music resounds through the streets!

Carnival Maastricht

The carnival season begins each year on 11 November at 11:11 AM. And although the actual carnival this year is from 21 to 24 February 2009, the festival and party season in Maastricht started as early as the beginning of this year…

And specially for the carnival parade today, we went to a carnival shop yesterday to buy us a costume.

Carnival Maastricht

Slowly we see the truth come by… hahahahaha.

Carnival Maastricht

Our friends Sassy, Asta, Opus and Momo really are here!!

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In Maastricht

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

It was already late (and colder…) when we arrived in Maastricht. We checked-in in our hotel, freshened up and went out again…

Ruis & Karl ~ Dinner for 2

The location of the restaurant was a shallow subtropical sea 120 million years ago, and tonight –- 30 meters below the surface of the South Limburg Hills, in an ancient underground limestone quarry –- we were having our romantic dinner there.
Over 300 shimmering candles were creating an unique and very intimate atmosphere, which made it complete. It was an evening we will never forget!

On our way back to the hotel we were talking how wonderful it was that we finally had a few days together. No other cats, no dogs — just the two of us!!

Photo inserted by Unknown User:

The "empty" hotel room...

But in the hotel room, and already in our pajamas, I got the strange feeling we were not alone…

Ruis & Karl in hotel room

I must be hallucinating…

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Cold… and Romantic

Monday, February 2, 2009

On this cold Monday the staff brought us to the train station in Roermond from where we go for a romantic few days to Limburg’s capital city Maastricht.

Ruis & Karl

In the meantime Bubbles is helping the staff to take care of our other guests… and to be honest, he is the best cat for that job!

Every morning Notty is the first to look out the window if there is snow. Maybe later this week, but now it is only freezing cold! However Notty thought this really was snow.

Mrs. OZ & Notty

See you in Maastricht tomorrow!!

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Family Photos

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Last Friday my husband Karl and his family transported to the Netherlands to visit us while the maid is on vacation.

For Mrs. OZ, Tintin, Notty and Luna it was the first time they visited us — a house full of cats and dogs, and another staff…

They needed some time, of course. But we are all relaxed now, we play together, and snuggle together. We are family!!

Bubbles & Luna

~ Bubbles & Luna ~
Not a surprise! Of course… Bubbles loves to take care of the young ones.

Buzzer & Notty

~ Buzzer & Notty ~
A very relaxed Notty, but Buzzer is not sure if he is so happy with the cat invasion…

B'Elanna & Mrs. OZ

~ B’Elanna & Mrs. OZ ~
I know B’Elanna. Really!! And I NEVER thought this would happen…

Djenna & Tintin

~ Djenna & Tintin ~
Again not a surprise!
She likes him. She likes him not. She likes him…

Karl & Ruis

~ Karl & Ruis ~
Karl shows Yara his blog on her mini laptop!
(or did Ruis found a new typist…? 😉

…Because all the cats are getting along so well, Ruis and Karl are planning a romantic getaway…
… Notty doesn’t want to leave before he has seen real snow…
… And Mrs. OZ … Hahahaha.

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