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Theme: Antique

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Photo HunterI have selected one of my cat photos and given it an antique look. But not just ‘a’ cat…

Bes was born in a dig house at an archaeological dig site in the village Deir Alla in Jordan which is part of the Levant, this is the east side of the Mediterranean.

This region is also the place where the first cats became housecats (pets / living with people) 7000 Years B.C.

But… Bes is not antique. 😉 she’s born in April 2000, so she is still a young lady. In June 2000 she came to the Netherlands and in 2002 she became the founding mother of a new, healthy line in the Cornish Rex cats!

Nowadays Bes is ‘retired’ and lives with a good friend. She’s a spayed cat who fully enjoys her ‘good life’!

Besje goes Antique
Click the picture to see the photo of the original colored Bes.

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