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Fashion Friday at the Spa

Friday, March 7, 2008

You probably already read it at The Cat Realm blog…, we are still at the Spa in Tucson. In the Netherlands it is raining and cold, so I saw no reason to go back home this week. And Karl and I are having such a wonderful, relaxing and romantic time……………..


Our friends Asta and Daisy have showed it before, and we make it official:
The New Look For Spring 2008!


For all of you who want to follow the latest fashion trends we have created fresh,
slice designed “Cucumber Glasses”, and they go together with a stylish
off-white “Spa Turban”.
Set off your new look this spring and take these designer accessories!
(For ALL genders & species.)


We also sent them home and Bubbles let us know that B’Elanna was
the first to try out the glasses.


Noooo, not because she’s old or needs them or will be 15 years this May,
our Soraya is just a fashion girl! 🙂

Spa 2nd

With a famous name as Gucci, “our still not to Dubai moved” 10th cat
shows the Spring 2008 accessories with style and charme!

I want to thank Mrs. OZ for distributing The New Look For Spring 2008 and arranging the fashion photographer!!
(graphics by The Cat Realm)

More photos of The New Look For Spring 2008 at The Cat Realm

Added by Bubbles: The warm and healing energy coming from the blogosphere is amazing! Our Maxime is eating more than yesterday, and there’s also a sparkle in her eyes again. She is still weak, but we and our staff have hope again. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

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Catch up & Penguins

Saturday, January 26, 2008

I have a lot of catching up to do, as my typist has had a arm surgery at January 4th and the healing process did not go as she had hoped. Because she still has to do it easy, I hope I can get as much computer time as possible before her next (other arm) surgery February 8th.

We want to thank everycat and everybean for their purrs, visits and thoughts, sweet emails and post card!!

Okay, on to the 1st catch-up post and collecting the penguins!

From my Antarctica cruise with Karl we brought back some souvenirs for the cats at home. There is no sun here in the Netherlands now, but all cats got a pair of sun glasses. And of course there were the penguins… I’m not sure anymore how many I had, but where I look I see penguins, everywhere in our house.

Korenna, Ruis, Miral & Penguin
Korenna, Miral and I

Mientje & Penguin
Mientje is an outdoor cat mostly, so she looooved the sun glasses!

Soraya & Penguin
Soraya comes more and more in the living room, is that maybe because I was away…?

B'Elanna & Penguin
I hear B’Elanna thinking…”Hmm, that’s not Bubbles, but who is it then ?”

Bubbles & Penguin
Here is Bubbles, and he already washed his penguin from head to bottom!

Bubbles and B'Elanna & Penguin
Bubbles & B’Elanna in the cat room… Marlene, you forgot their sun glasses!!

Buzzer & Penguin
Oh no… if Buzzer has a penguin that means it’s dead by the time you see this photo — see here why!

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Saturday Surprise

Saturday, October 13, 2007

We found a wonderful surprise in our mailbox last night! Maggy, Zoey and their mommy Ann (from Zoolatry) made 3 beautiful art images from our cats.

We got her permission to show them before they do, so here they are…

… but not before this:

Maggy, Zoey and Ann, Thank You so much for this sweet and thoughtful gift!!

With her name Maxime Rowie van Grimaldi she is a Royal Princess!

You see the similarity between the sculpture on the wooden shoes and Djenna’s wavy coat?!

Baby colors for the most famous litter we ever had… and Tulips.:)
You see little B’Elanna?

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Thursday Thirteen #1: B’Elanna

Friday, October 12, 2007

13 things about B’Elanna ~ by Ruis

  1. B’Elanna is not ugly anymore!
  2. Her full birthname is Voyager’s Beauty is Irrelevant. “Beauty is Irrelevant” is one of the many “irrelevant” statements of the Voyager character “Seven of Nine”. And Star Trek Voyager fans know that Seven of Nine is not only a very smart woman, but very beautiful too!
  3. B’Elanna’s birthdate is August 18th 2003. She was the third kitten and born at 10:35 AM, 6 more would follow her and at 12:30 the last was born.
  4. B’Elanna has 5 brothers and 3 sisters, she is 1 of a litter of 9. From her littermates 6 have a straight haired coat and 3 have a curly coat, B’Elanna is 1 of this 3.
  5. B’Elanna is a 2nd generation Cornish Rex. Her mother Guusje is a 1st gen., and Bes, her grandma, is a domestic cat from Jordan. Father’s side is Cornish Rex.
  6. Although she was born with almost no fur like her brother and sister with the Cornish Rex coat, all three had a curly coat when they were 15 weeks old. Cornish Rex kittens can be born with a thick curly coat or with almost no hair, but many kittens born with a curly coat lose it in the first 2 weeks of their life. From an age of 10 weeks the coat starts to grow and most of them have a wavy, curly coat when they are 4 months old. Hair or no hair at birth tells nothing how their adult coat will be (like human beans. 😉
  7. B’Elanna’s biggest friend is Bubbles. He also was friend and mentor to her grandma Bes, after that to Bes’s daughter Guusje and now to Guusje’s daughter B’Elanna.
  8. Also a kind of family tradition is that B’Elanna, like her mother and grandma doesn’t like me. I have NO idea why, but they must be having some sort of an anti-Ruis gene.

  9. Grandma Bes at 12 weeks old ~ Mom Guusje at the age of 8 weeks ~ B’Elanna, 1 week old
  10. Cleaning herself is not B’Elanna’s favorite thing. She does it very fast and short and she knows Bubbles is far more better in it. Only he refuses to wash her under her tail, resulting in a … uh… her other nickname: Poepkont (Poopbutt.)
  11. We have our own room in the house and we all sleep there at night. Except for B’Elanna… around 11 PM she goes to the 3rd floor to hide herself. The staff knows where and put a sleeping bed there for her.
  12. She LOVES human beans and they love her. Like me she loves to sit on the lap of visitors.
  13. B’Elanna has a very special high voice. The very same as grandma Bes and that makes Buzzer, one of the dogs, sometimes crazy.
  14. Hot news!! At the beginning of next year our beans want B’Elanna to have S.., to do IT with Odo! Well, I love kittens and I hope to break through the family thing of number 8.

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Wordless Wednesday

Wednesday, October 10, 2007
B'Elanna and her littermates

B'Elanna and her littermates

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