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Amsterdam at Night

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

While getting ready for Amsterdam’s night life, we kept talking about the Sassy look-a-like. Did she time travel in Rembrandt van Rijn’s famous painting The  Night Watch (Sassy is multi tasking and capable to do everything. 😉 Or was it her ancestor?
We’ll never know the answer, so we stopped thinking about it and went out…

Amsterdam is so beautiful at night. This is the Herengracht.



And the Netherland’s capital city has so many bars. Every night is like a Saturday night!



In the second bar we visited there was a performance of a transvestite singer, she was amazing!!



On the way back to our hotel we walked through The Red Light District

red light district


The girls in the windows…

red light district


It is impossible to see all of Amsterdam’s beauty in one and a half day. We had to go home…, we promised the staff to be back in Limburg tonight.

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Monday, June 16, 2008

We had a relative quiet weekend. The only SHORT excitement was that Gucci brought a mouse inside and let it escape in the kitchen. Immediately the mouse ran under the cooker and because Gucci and I are too big, Korenna made herself small and went half under the cooker and did deter the mouse. It worked! He ran back in the kitchen and in one quick move I caught him. I went outside and gave Karl a demonstration mouse playing — the staff was horrified and thought I killed the little guy… hey, you know me, I am a gentle mancat! But Marlene ruined the game when she saw the mouse moving its leg. She carefully picked him up and RELEASED him in the park next to our house, where he ran away. Game OVER!

Early this morning we packed and after breakfast the staff brought us to the train station in Roermond from where we took the train to Amsterdam. We started in the Rijksmuseum, and there is so much to see that we stayed there the whole day!

Rembrandt van Rijn’s Night Watch looked different in real than we remembered from photos…

night watch room


…MUCH different! That black cat… looks like SASSY!!!!



Outside the museum and after seeing lots of other masterpieces we were still talking about the little black cat on The Nigh Watch. I think we have to ask our friend about her ancestors.



After dinner and back in our hotel, we changed clothes and got ready for the night life…

We show you those photos tomorrow! 🙂

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