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Too young to blog?

Yesterday i updated my google account and honest as i am i set my birthday. As soon as i hit ‘enter’ my account was LOCKED!

You do not meet the age requirements for a Google Account. This account will be deleted within 29 days unless the specified date of birth was incorrect and you can prove you are 16 years or older. Learn more.

My typist almost exploded!
As a result of this the images i uploaded through blogger for my old blog are gone. Luckily most of them are linked through Flickr, so this new blog is not empty. BUT… I am afraid all the COMMENTS i made on friend’s blogs are GONE, too. 🙁
The typist made a new google account for me and LIED about my young age. For Google i am too young to blog…

4 Responses to “Too young to blog?”

  1. Oui Oui says:

    This happened to us too! And it was a real pain to get rid of besides. Grrrr….

  2. Google does that sort of thing a lot. You could translate your years to bean years — search around a bit, there are several places listing the conversion.

    At a minimum, you should be able to recover the photos, posts, and comments.

    Maybe if you prove you are a cat, you could get them to unlock your blog. Worth a shot.

    • Ruis says:

      I cannot change my birthday because i have no access to my account.

      As for contact or help…There are only the Google help pages and their forum. And the Dutch Google forum only is FULL with comments and questions about blocked accounts from “sons and daughters.” Most were using Gmail for school, some were author of a sports club blog at blogger — all photos they posted are gone. And Google is not replying on one of those comments!

      Not all people in the Netherlands have a creditcard (it’s not common here) to pay for unblocking their account, so there is nothing they can do to get their email or blog back. Think of it — proof that you are 16 years or older, or use your creditcard. Ridiculous!

      It is already a hot item on the website of “Radar”, a Dutch television program for coinsumer issues.

  3. Oh, no! What a shock to lose all those photos.