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Wordless Wednesday

Bubbles & Djenna :)

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  1. doral real estate says:

    At first we looked and thought this was one cat with a paw out screaming. But then we realized it was too cats washing and that made us laugh.

  2. Kate says:

    I though it is one cat doing a very strange body stretching… only to find out two cats grooming each other very nice. I also see such scene with my rabbit in their lovely rabbit hutch. It is so nice to see them cleaning each other.

  3. Katie and Da Katz says:

    The catolympics needs a new cattygory!

    Competitive grooming! You woold win paws down!!

    Katie Kat

  4. Sassy Kat says:

    Wow,did you all sure give me the biggest surprise. Just as I was ready to head out you all loaded me up in the MFV and off we headed. We never did know how to keep thing simple did we?
    Thanks to the gang, love all of you bunches and bunches!!
    Check out the CCSI blog. I have a feeling Karl and Opus had their heads together for sure.

  5. The Cat Realm says:

    It is so good to be on an adventure with you again Ruis sweetheart! We just arrived in Paris!
    Love, your Karl

  6. Sassy Kat says:

    You certainly have been the quiet one. Was so good to see you at Opus's surprise party held by Olive at the Coliseum today. I miss my dear friends and any time spent together is always enjoyable.
    Love to all at your place.

  7. Cat Naps in Italy says:

    Ciao Ruis,
    we came by to say ciao to you and somehow mangaged to leave Asta's comment on your blog. Sorry. Anyway, we know that you all have been quiet, but we want you to know that we are thinking of you and that we have stolen Ruis. Don't worry his with me in Rome helping to celebrate my birthday.

    Sending kitty kisses from Italy,

    Cesar Opus Felis Maximus (and Olivia Gatus)

  8. Cat Naps in Italy says:

    What a wonderful party! You guys are the best. Dearest Asta, thank you so much for all of the beautiful photos you made for my party. My human loved the one of Roscoe the most! It was so sweet of you all to remember him as this is his birthday too. Though the day is bittersweet for all of us, we will have many reasons to smile because of friends like you.

    Cyndi, Cesar Opus Felis Maximus and Olivia Gatus

  9. Cat Naps in Italy says:

    Ciao Ruis! Hey we miss you! Sending hugs to your family and we hope that everything is well.

    Tomorrow is Opus's birthday so we will see you in Rome. The whole gang is going to be there! At last a party after such a quiet summer!

    Kitty kisses from Itay,
    Cyndi and Ollie

  10. The Cat Realm says:

    Just visiting our CCSI friends – seems like half of us are in early retirement, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, nothing going on…

  11. The Cat Realm says:

    Happy World Cat Day to you all!

  12. Sassy Kat says:

    You all are making me nervous! Haven't heard from you all in long time. Are you all OK?

  13. Sassy Kat says:

    Hope all is well at your place.
    Soon an announcement will be made. It is a good one!! Bet you didn't even see it coming!!!

  14. Maya and Kena says:

    Hey there! Sorry we´ve been gone for sooooo long. We missed our NOMSS pal! We´re gonna try to blog at least once a month because it´s too hard being away from our furiends.
    We´re so sorry we´ve been bad NOMSS pals. You deserve better…
    We´ll try to visit as often as we can!
    Have a great day!
    Sniffs and kisses,
    Maya and Kena

  15. Cat Naps in Italy says:

    Just wanted to stop in to say ciao! Hope you are all having a wonderful summer!

    Opus and Olive

  16. Scoopable Cat Litter says:

    Now that is what I call cleaning.

  17. ragdoll cat breeders says:

    What an interesting picture!!

    what are they doing??

  18. The Cat Realm says:

    I'm dreaming of you Ruis…..
    Just checking in – we are lazy with posting and visiting, after the Dare I just need to relax for a bit….
    your Karl

  19. Sassy Kat says:

    Stopping in the check on all of you. I will be going MIA tomorrow but I can see that you all are already MIA. Hope all is well at your place.

  20. Derby says:

    Now mum's first thought on seeing this picture is that you are re-enacting a scene from The Phantom of the Opera, the one where the Phantom is singing Music of the Night to Christine!

  21. MISS PEACH ~(^.^)~ says:

    Hello dear family! #11 here for a quick visit to say I love you all and am sorry I have been so late in visits. I am feeling better again after my many surgeries and plan to get married soon to my mancat Mickey. I hope all of you wil be able to attend when we announce the date.
    Life rolls along on little cat paws and wait only for dinner…
    Love your Miss Peach

  22. Sassy Kat says:

    Oh mt! I don't want to even ask what was going on. I hope this was all friendly play!!

  23. Jan's Funny Farm says:

    What an interesting picture!

    We understand today would be Maxime's birthday. We know she is not forgotten.

  24. Karen Jo says:

    That is an amazing picture.

  25. Fluffy and Bonkers says:

    Make sure you get behind the ears!

    Fluffy and Bonkers

  26. The Cat Realm says:

    Look at that paw! That would win ALL paw contests that might be out there!
    What an adorable picture.
    Don't forget: my Dare is still up!!!

  27. Kitties @ Our family cat-a-blog... says:

    WOWZA! This is a tummy an' toes and wordless blog entry all at da same timez! You guys are good!

  28. Asta says:

    I had no idea that you had a contowtionist act at youw house, hehehe
    vewy cool!
    I see that I'm going to have to pwactice my doga to keep up wif you
    smoochie kisses

  29. ML says:

    How cute.

  30. Daisy says:

    Oh my gosh, that is too cute! It's good to have a grooming-buddy.

  31. Cheysuli and gemini says:

    At first we looked and thought this was one cat with a paw out screaming. But then we realized it was too cats washing and that made us laugh.