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Taylor… and our friends

It is now more than fourteen days ago that my doggy sister Taylor got a stroke. From an active old lady she changed into an unhappy and helpless dog…
You sent Taylor LOTS of purrrrs, kisses, healing vibes and thoughts. When Taylor got sick luckily also my husband Karl, my family-in-law and our friends Sassy, Asta, Opus and Momo were here in Limburg. So they were helping a LOT, too!
And could I tell you last Saturday that Taylor was doing much better, now I can say: she is completely better!!


When our family and friends were here, we took some more photos of them with Taylor… It was when Taylor could not walk without being held by the staff.

Asta had a plan and made a route of yellow ducks in the garden…

Asta is helping Taylor to walk

… and Opus and Sassy were very curious…

She wanted to let Taylor walk on her own again… and it seemed working!

Asta is helping Taylor to walk

Asta, Momo and Mrs. OZ were following Taylor’s small steps.

They were practicing for hours, until it was dark outside.
And after a good meal it was time to sleep! We, all the Kattenpraat cats, are sleeping in the living room or somewhere upstairs, and the dogs, especially Taylor prefers her bed in the hall at night.
But this night started not as quiet as always…

Some dogs try to sleep...

Together with our family and friends we were with 17 cats and 3 dogs…

So many of you did such wonderful things to help my sister Taylor.

And it helped!!

One of them was Bogart, he sent Airedale kisses her way…

Please, do it again! Bogart’s Dad is very ill and lays in the hospital. PURRR as hard as you can and send anything you can to Bogart and his Dad and Mom!!

14 Responses to “Taylor… and our friends”

  1. Boxer Training says:

    Glad to hear that Taylor is feeling all better 🙂

  2. MoMo says:

    So happy the Taylor recovered well. Just love being with you all. 17 kitties!!!! And 3 doggies. Wooohooo!!! What a lovely treat for an only cat with only occasional birdie visitors to her garden!

  3. Joe Stains says:

    woo hoo, we are so happy to hear the good news!

  4. Asta says:

    Hi Mommi and Daddi just got home fwom a mawathon17houw woad twip..I got to stay wif Petey my fwiend and had a gweat time..Moomi had to go pick up all hew paintings in whode Island..she sold0000000000000000000000000000000000000
    nobody has $ ow they just hate hew wowk..
    I hope Taylow is continooing to make impwovements!!!
    I love hew! as I do all of you!

    Did you ssee that the nuwsies in the hopsital let bogawt visit his Daddi??
    I hope it helps him
    smoochie kisses

  5. The Cat Realm says:

    Asta is just a genius! We are so happy we were there to help Taylor, and now we are purring non-stop for Bogart’s Dad!
    I am sure Buzzer was glad to see us go home? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA But I am so happy to be back tomorrow!
    See you soon Ruis!
    Your Karl

  6. meemsnyc says:

    We are so happy to hear that Taylor is feeling much better.

  7. Jan's Funny Farm says:

    We’ve been purring for Bogart’s dad.

    We’re glad Taylor is doing so much better.

  8. Daisy says:

    The yellow duck plan was ingenious! I am sending my best purrs for Bogart’s dad, and I hope we can make another miracle.

  9. Penny, Poppy & Patches says:

    We are sooooo glad Taylor is doing better! We have sent lots of healing Aire-zen to Bogart's dad too! The Power of the Paw really does work!

    Poppy, Penny & Patches

  10. Abby says:

    We are sooo happy that Taylor is doing better…

    The Power of the Paw really works…

    Bogart's Dad is in our prayers everyday…

    Abby & her Mom xxxooo

  11. Zoolatry says:

    The healing power of friendship and love…
    it worked for Taylor…
    we are praying it will also work for Bogart and his family.

  12. Lacy says:

    w00f’s, me iz sooo happy Taylor iz feeling sum better…Asta iz always trying to help pups, kittys and hammies oo yeah and hoomans too that not feel so good..

    b safe, keep getting well Taylor..

  13. ML says:

    We's all purring and purraying fur Bogart's Daddy, we's won't stop.
    But when I checked Asta's bloggie, I's learned about beautiful Taylor. So sorry to hear about her, and furry glad to know she's better.
    You's can let us know at tha Cat Blogosphere, we loves woofies, too.
    Love & Purrs,

    pee ess: We's raising $$$ right this minute fur my NOMSS friend, Tazz. She's a poodly-mix woofie and is furry sick. She was my Bear's bestest furriend (Bear was our wonnerful poodle who went to tha Bridge in 2007). So keep us posted on tha woofies, too.

  14. Asta says:

    I can’t tell you how good it makes me feel that youw sissie Taylow is so much bettew..she was the bestest patient ..so uncomplaining and bwave..all youw family and in laws wewe such a twemendous help.
    I’m tewwified about Bogawt’s Daddi, I’m afwaid my nuwsing skills awe not enuff fow him,,but miwacles can happen and I believe in ouw collective powew , so pleez keep thinking of him..Thank you fow all youw cawe.I love you
    smoochie kisses