Welcome to Ruis' new blog! Here he continues (photo-)writing about his Dutch cat- and dog family, online adventures with his friends and other things that come to mind. ~ the staff.

Karl & Ruis in the Netherlands

After fourteen days honeymoon where no cat but us has gone before we came back home! Well, I am home, my husband Karl stays with me here for a week before he goes back to Arizona. Next to some R&R I’ll show him around in our country.

… Limburg here we come!!

delta flyer arrives


Finally we set foot on planet Earth again– Bubbles welcomed us.

delta flyer landed


While we hugged my kitty- brothers and sisters and Taylor & Buzzer, the staff brought our suitcases inside. And after a refreshment and light snack we first took a nap… and dreamt about The Furry Fighter.

a nap


Our friend Stormie, a very brave kitty, a fighter, a winner, has just crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

We only have our memories of our sisters Anastasia and Miral, and my brothers Ralph and Wiebe. And now also from you, Stormie… But in our dreams we see you, talk to you and can touch you all! Until we’ll meet again…



Our nap was longer than we had intended so we had to hurry and change clothes before we went out.

Last week the European Football (soccer) Championship started and Monday night the Netherlands defeated Italy with a 3-0 victory.

Tonight it is Netherlands vs France, and Karl and I were going to the local bar to watch the game on a big screen, in orange…



After a few beer, Karl was ready to pose his full outfit, hahahahahahahaha.
Update 10:40 PM CEST: And it was not for nothing… we WON again!!! Wohaaaa, 4-1 for the Netherlands!!

karl in orange


17 Responses to “Karl & Ruis in the Netherlands”

  1. Two Schnauzers from New England says:

    Hi, Karl and Ruis –

    It looks like you are having a great time. We are sorry to hear about Stormie.

    Mama posted pictures of us with our before and after haircuts. Thanks for visiting our blog.

    Love –

    Hershey and Kaci

  2. Cat Naps in Italy says:

    Welcome back dear friends! We are so happy that you made back to Earth safe and sound. We have missed you guys so much and look forward to hearing all about your honeymoon!

    Your Bestest Men
    ps. The Italians around here are STILL crying about the game! Hehehehehehe!

  3. FrecklesandDeb says:

    Karl, your outfit is fantastic! You look good in orange!

  4. JB's Big World says:

    You guys look great in your outfits. So sorry about Storm.
    Pee Ess: My mom loves the Netherlands, and just came back from a trip there in April.

  5. snowforest says:

    Wow how pawesome does Karl look in that outfit ~ Netherlands is one of our favorite soccer teams too ~ we hope they keep doing well…

  6. Eric and Flynn says:

    Welcome back Karl and Ruis. You look very errr different in your orange outfit Karl.

  7. Team Tabby says:

    Welcome back! Awesome orange outfit, Karl. We love the look, but mom is giggling like crazy.

    Mindy & Moe

  8. Willie says:

    That is a fabulous outfit, the orange and white sets off Karl’s legs nicely.


  9. Derby says:

    Welcome home. Glad your team won.

  10. Princess says:

    Wow, what great fun! You guys looks so cool. I love your ship!

    Stormie was a beautiful girl
    I feel very privileged to have had her as a friend
    I am really going to miss her!

    Enjoy your visit

  11. Asta says:

    Welcome back Karl and Ruis!!!
    my heawt is sad fow Stormie, but she was sent off to her cwossing with so much love..and will be welcomed by so many…
    I love youw outfit Karl!!! and congwatulations on helping the team win…give my love to evewyone in holland
    smoochie kisses

  12. Lux says:

    Oh Karl – you look amazing in that outfit (stop giggling, Mom!) … 🙂

  13. Gandalf & Grayson says:

    There isn’t enough beers for us to wear orange. We’d look like Halloween!

  14. Jan's Funny Farm says:

    We can see why it took Karl a few beers to pose in that outfit. 🙂

    purrs and tail wags

  15. Tybalt says:

    What a great time you are having, Karl and Ruis! I just know Stormie is looking down at the two of you and grinning.

  16. Cheysuli and gemini says:

    You look grand in that outfit. I await further information!

  17. Babs (Beetle) says:

    Ha ha ha ha! That’s the first laugh I’ve had since yesterday and the news of sweet Storm.

    You look very cool in your outfit.

    Purrs, Sukie X