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aCATemy Award

Were yoo as upset as I was last night win I watched the Academy Awards and discuverd that not only did yoo not win an award for yer werk in CCSI, BUT YOO WERN’T EVEN NOMMYNATED??!!

I was agast. So, here is an aCATemy Award to aknolidge yer owtstanding award-winning contribyooshun to CCSI!

All the best,
Skeezix the Cat

aCATemy Award from SkeezixThank you, Skeezix! You are an amazing guy and now I know why Daisy said “Yes!” 😉

This is an unbelievable honor and a complete surprise. So many cats and dogs have a part of this. And yes, they got this award too!!

Karl, Opus and Roscoe who wrote the two wonderful scripts. All the animals at the design department, and of course the numerous actors and actresses who worked at both shows. They were all really fabulous!

I want to thank my fiance Karl. Without your never ending support, sweetheart, this would have been impossible. That we could work on this together made it a dream come true. Thank you so much!!

I also want to thank Sassy, executive producer of Little Productions and personal friend. It is always a pleasure to work with her.

Members of the Cat Blogosphere and all other blogging cats, dogs, bunnies and other species, THANK YOU. Without you as an audience, without your appreciation and without YOU coming to the shows, not one of us would be standing here! Thank You!

For ALL the photos taken at the aCATemy Awards visit Sassy’s post about the event!!

If you haven’t voted for your favorites at the Red Carpet Buzz, hurry up and vote! Voting will be open until Thursday, February 28, 9 pm Mountain Standard Time.

17 Responses to “aCATemy Award”

  1. Maya and Kena says:

    Woof woof!
    Congrats on the ACATemy award Ruis!! You so deserve it!!
    Wags and licks,
    Maya and Kena

  2. The Devil Dog says:

    Congrats. That is awesome, and well deserved.

    Roxy & Lucky

  3. Princess says:

    this is a wonderful award and you deserve it completely!

    I absolutely love these pictures of all of you together!!


  4. Jan says:

    We stopped by to congratulate you on your award. We are so proud of Percy and all his friends from the CCSI production. It was wonderful of Skeezix to present the awards.

    Jan’s Funny Farm

  5. Lux says:

    :::clap clap clap clap clap:::

  6. Asta says:

    I think of all the outfits in the wowld I love youws and Karls the best..It is so cool and imaginative and the two of you look so vewy handsome!

    I always like to welieve a gweat pawty ow event by talking it ovew with my pawents
    smoochie kisses

  7. The Cat Realm says:

    Just saw your new profile photo at the Italian’s blog – you look sooooooo cute, my love!
    Your Karl

  8. Sultanfus and Guy says:

    Congrats on your award!

  9. MoMo says:

    The executive team looks stunning and I think we look bettert than the humans in their night and we certainly make better speeches!

  10. Tybalt says:

    Congratulations, Ruis! It was exciting, wasn’t it?

  11. Daisy says:

    Skeezix is so thoughtful!

  12. Diamond Emerald-Eyes says:

    Concatulations on your award!

  13. michico*Adan says:

    Hey~~ Ruis~~
    You are so great~~~~ I am so happy to work with you at CCSI.

  14. Asta says:

    You awe the most wondewful diwectow and I could nevew have achieved my dweam woles in acting without youw help and advice..
    congwatulations on youw awawd and that was a fabulous acceptance speech!
    The aCATamy awawds wewe mowe staw studded and spectacoolaw than the othew ones..I was vewy pwoud to be pawt of this team
    smoochie kisses

  15. MoMo says:

    Congratulations! Thankyou for your untiring work – you are the finest director!

    Pssst, just came over to make sure you are alright , you know what I mean…, not killed yet by you-know-who.

  16. Cheysuli and gemini says:

    I am so glad that Skeezix was willing to present these. I am so honored!

  17. The Cat Realm says:

    Oh Ruis – blush blush blush – you are so sweet. What a wonderful acceptance speech you gave and you did not forget anybody (like I did) and you deserve this award so much because you are such a talented director and gifted actor! What a wonderful gesture of Skeezix to do this!!!
    This is a great honor for CCSI!
    Love you darling!