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Catch up & Penguins

I have a lot of catching up to do, as my typist has had a arm surgery at January 4th and the healing process did not go as she had hoped. Because she still has to do it easy, I hope I can get as much computer time as possible before her next (other arm) surgery February 8th.

We want to thank everycat and everybean for their purrs, visits and thoughts, sweet emails and post card!!

Okay, on to the 1st catch-up post and collecting the penguins!

From my Antarctica cruise with Karl we brought back some souvenirs for the cats at home. There is no sun here in the Netherlands now, but all cats got a pair of sun glasses. And of course there were the penguins… I’m not sure anymore how many I had, but where I look I see penguins, everywhere in our house.

Korenna, Ruis, Miral & Penguin
Korenna, Miral and I

Mientje & Penguin
Mientje is an outdoor cat mostly, so she looooved the sun glasses!

Soraya & Penguin
Soraya comes more and more in the living room, is that maybe because I was away…?

B'Elanna & Penguin
I hear B’Elanna thinking…”Hmm, that’s not Bubbles, but who is it then ?”

Bubbles & Penguin
Here is Bubbles, and he already washed his penguin from head to bottom!

Bubbles and B'Elanna & Penguin
Bubbles & B’Elanna in the cat room… Marlene, you forgot their sun glasses!!

Buzzer & Penguin
Oh no… if Buzzer has a penguin that means it’s dead by the time you see this photo — see here why!

19 Responses to “Catch up & Penguins”

  1. Jan says:

    What a lot of penguins. You have a collection. We are sharing one and hiding it so Buddy and Samaritan can’t destroy it.

    Hope your arm is doing better.

    jans funny farm

  2. Karen Jo says:

    You have a penguin invasion on your paws. I am sorry that your typist is not healing as quickly as she wished. I hope the other arm goes better. The pictures are wonderful.

  3. michico*Adan says:

    Wowww…..you all look amazing!!

  4. The Cat Realm says:

    My love – my sweetheart – please come by my blog…. I have a question for you…

  5. MoMo says:

    Great photos of both penguins and furries!

    Purrs to your typist – sorry to hear that she is still not well. My gran is having op on her arm/hand as well.

  6. Princess says:

    These are very nice pictures.
    They make us smile

  7. Asta says:

    You have such a gweat looking family , adn you all look fabulous in youw sunglasses and I love the pinguins..I’m afwaid I would pwobably twy to do suwgewy on one if I had one
    smoochie kisses

  8. Name: Mr. Hendrix says:

    Just checking in on you and your mommy. I hope she has started healing faster.

    My penguin’s name is Mr. Squishy. I really like him.

    Give your mommy lotsa snuggles to feel better!

  9. The Cat Realm says:

    I tagged you for a meme, sweetheart!

  10. Kimo & Sabi says:

    Whut a floofy penguin!

  11. Hot(M)BC says:

    Wow, dat’s lotsa penguins!!! Sorry yore typist momma is not heelin as fast as she wants. We’ll send lots more purrs.

  12. Zippy, Sadie and Speedy says:

    Eeek, yoor over run with pengwins!

  13. Mickey says:

    Hey Ruis,how ya doin’ ? I’m sorry your typisy is not healing quickly and must face the ordeal yet again!
    I’ll send Purrs to help the healing process!
    Purrs Mickey

  14. Eric and Flynn says:

    We hope your typist’s arm is healing better now and that the surgery on her other arm goes well. We’re sending healing purrs to help it along.
    We like all your pikchurs with the penguins.

  15. Cheysuli and gemini says:

    Oh I hope the other arm goes better! That is not good to not have any arms!

  16. Dragonheart & Merlin says:

    You all look great, posing with the penguin! We are sorry to hear that your typist didn’t heal as quickly as she had hoped. Sending lots of healing purrs her way.

  17. Kaz's Cats says:

    Ruis, That’s a whole lot of penguins who’ve moved in to your place – we love the photos. Just make sure that there’s still room for you cats. We’re purraying hard that Marlene’s hands and arms keep healing even faster than before.


    Gypsy & Tasha

  18. The Cat Realm says:

    But this beats it all!!! What a great post – I was laughing out loud – such wonderful pictures – you are the greatest, Ruis!!!
    Your devoted Karl

  19. Radcliff, Allie, Luna & Ozzie says:

    Surgery on both arms? Yipe!

    puurrrrrrrrs to whichever typist has the messed up wings.