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Is someone sick or what? Read the 3rd comment of Feline Friday with Korrenna

A few weeks ago we had to delete some comments which hurt. We blog, we talk and we respect everyone, and we expect the same back!

[edit: We have deleted the comments + the anonymous one on this post.]

8 Responses to “Hurt”

  1. henny & marlene says:

    Hi Karl and Staff,

    Thank you all for being our friends!!

    We have thought about not allowing anonymous comments, but not everyone has blogger and we also believe in freedom of speech. But hate speech hurts. And although we have to delete 1 or 2 comments a week, we still believe in people and the purrs from our kitty friends. But last week I had to delete 5 hate comments, I was so upset that I wanted to delete the blog first, but ended up in this post.

  2. The Cat Realm says:

    I was thinking about these dreadful comments all day long, made me really mad! Blogger has something where you can not allow anonymous comments – that would probably stop it because those kind of people mostly operate on an “anonymous” basis. Jerks.
    Your friends Karl and staff

  3. henny & marlene says:

    Yes, we got 2 of those. But when I turned on the computer this morning I read something short and very disturbing in this post.

  4. Lux says:

    Are you talking about those weird comments that go on and on and on and say nasty things and you just think it’s never going to end?

    We got one of those the other day again, and put our word verification back on – not sure if it will stop it, but it’s worth a shot …

    You’ll be a great reporter!!!

  5. Daisy says:

    I did not read the comment, but I am glad I didn’t because I am sure it would make me very angry. Anyone who says anything bad or mean about my friends is a BAD person. I hope that knowing you have many friends in the cat blogosphere will take away the hurt that the mean person did.

  6. Boy says:

    I think those who weave hurtful words are definitewy not fwom the cat bwogosphere. Perhaps those beans who cannot understand wove and fwiendship should come to the cat bwogosphere for a course on how to be nice and wespect each other.

  7. Dragonheart says:

    Some people just don’t have anything better to do than leave mean, nasty comments. I don’t understand those kinds of people.

    I often receive mean, hurtful comments because people think that Sphynx are freaks and ugly. Those kinds of comments really hurt, since I am a very sweet and loving cat. I may look different from other cats, but I am still cute and handsome! Well, at least my humans and my friends think so.

  8. The Cat Realm says:

    Unbelievable that there are still people like this (the anonymous comment above) out there!
    In moments like this it is very hard for me to stay on the Buddhist path…
    Just delete this crap and know that you have many many many friends!!!
    Karl and the staff
    But by gosh – it does hurt….